The one to start it all.


One single letter started it all. 

In the summer of 2013, I married my best friend, my soulmate, my husband, Damian. 

We always knew we wanted babies! I was told at a young age it would never happen. We waited a couple years before we started trying, one year later we were blessed with the conception of our first son. 


As soon as we found out he was a boy we knew his name would be Wesley. It was a name my husband and I had fallen in love with when we were just young teenagers dreaming about our future, it was destiny. 

Born in May of 2016 he was the missing link to our little family. He was everything we could have hoped for and so much more. 

Fall of 2016 we bought our current home. Nothing extravagant but a home to build our family in none the less. We started dreaming, we started planning, and we started building. Small projects here and there would help our big blue home become our own. 

Yet something was still missing. 

Fall of 2017 we discovered we were blessed to be pregnant again.  

Boy or girl? What would it be this time!? We’d be lying if we didn’t admit we were both hoping for a girl. We had our perfect little boy, a girl would be so fun to join our little family. 

January 2018. 

It was an appointment to find out the gender… or so we thought. 


This is the single word that changed my entire life.

My new baby growing inside me wasn’t growing as planned. The intestines were still outside of the body, forming and growing. This was not the plan. No one prepares you for the news that your unborn child is not growing like they should, that they have a rare “disease”. 

Confirming the diagnosis. We still didn’t know if our new baby was a boy or girl. Honestly, it was the last thing on our minds that day. We saw the specialist, we met with the doctors, we learned more information about our baby. We got the gender in a little envelope.

A…. BOY! 

Another little boy. At this point the gender seemed so minuet. He was a boy, and we knew he would be a fighter. 


We didn’t plan to have our children’s name start with the same first letter but God makes our plans not us. 

My husband found the name, it wasn’t one we had written down, saved or even discussed before the diagnosis. 


English: medieval name meaning – hardy, strong, brave. 

Just like that, it was destiny again. 

June of 2018. 

Wyatt was born. The doctors repaired his abdominal wall and placed his intestines back in his little body.

31 days in the NICU and he came home to our family. 

October 2020. 

We are living, building and dreaming as a family of 4. We have big plans, and even bigger dreams. I am so excited to share our stories from the very beginning, to the in-between, current and future. I hope you choose to follow along and learn about our trials, fails, successes, and everything that comes with being young parents. Welcome to blog number one, welcome to walking with boys.

About me

Hi everyone! Welcome to walking with boys. I am a married mom of two wonderful boys. I’m starting this as an outlet for motherhood, hoping other moms can relate and find comfort in knowing they’re not alone in their daily struggles/ thoughts. I’m excited to share my life with you!